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About Outram Educational Foundation

Outram Educational Foundation (OEF) is a learning zone to empower residents in the community through academic and technological training. This organization is a leading advocate of equity by maintaining workforce readiness and student performance.

It invites, and actively encourages partnerships and collaborations with business organizations who offer resources in support of the
organization’s mission and strive to bring about a community of skilled individuals.

OEF is a nonprofit corporation servicing many communities in the Brooklyn, New York area. The program was founded based upon the voices of the multiple communities in Brooklyn. A team of educators, volunteers, and other professionals who conducted surveys in 2001- 2002 and 2013 revealed that 88% of residents wanted an educational center in the community. 76% stated that tutoring for young adults were an excellent idea. 79% of parents stated that they were unable to help their children with homework assignments or help them to actively study because they were unfamiliar with what their children were learning in school. 92% of parents were immigrants and this seemed to be a disability in assisting their children in the learning process.

OEF offers literacy, computer and job preparation training to adults, while younger clients participate in mathematics, reading, writing, science and grade level Microsoft Suite and Photoshop.

Our mentorship/coaching program supports youngsters academics, self-image and build positive goals.

In the future we plan to integrated a comprehensive online tutoring program for all learners

Our Mission

Improve the quality of life for residents in the community by tutoring, mentoring and coaching young people to advance academics and develop character, leadership and confidence. Build technological proficiency skills and assist adults to become successful in the workplace.

Our Goals

  • Improve students’ reading, writing and research skills
  • Advance academics via tutoring
  • Build character and leadership via mentorship and coaching
  • Expand students’ skills in Microsoft Suite and Photoshop
  • Assist in career placement
  • Improve adults’ computer literacy and job readiness skills
  • Assist in career placement

Notice Board

March 28, 2018

New Course Start Date

Be sure to register before classes start.


Arman Ahamed

Student of CSE

Recherd Robert

Student of Math

Lopez Lemon

Student of Math

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